Dear, students, parents, guardians, and community members,

It is with great enthusiasm that we prepare to receive our students, parents, and community members for what we anticipate to be a great year of teaching and learning for our students and adults. The Boyd H. Anderson High administration, faculty, and staff are committed to ensure that our students are daily academically challenged and that upon graduating from high school will be prepared to face an ever-changing world.

We now offer to students who qualify dual enrollment classes in Health and Wellness, English 101 and 102, Global Logistics, and Manufacturing. Our students also enjoy a healthy culinary arts program, medical assistant, an array of advance placement classes, and after school activities second to none. At Boyd H. Anderson, we have high expectations for all students regardless of ability level. Our goal is to help every student to embrace a demanding curriculum that “pushes the envelope” thus preparing them for college and career. Hard work is the key to success in life.

The new National Common Core Standards require that schools prepare high school students to graduate college and career ready. We continue to work toward high school reform via our learning centers. An assistant principal, a guidance counselor, and a clerical person will track each student learning achievement in 9th through 12th. Each team will follow students for two years: 9th through 10th, and 11th through 12th ensuring that each student graduates from high school.

I also stress to all members of our learning community the importance of school discipline. Boyd H. Anderson High is a safe school because we take on issues that may seem trivial to students. Proper dress code, being in class on time ready to learn, respect for oneself and others are nonnegotiable expectations at Boyd Anderson High. We ask that you support us in our efforts to teach our future leaders that strong discipline and commitment to adherence to school rules and regulations are the cornerstone to maintaining a safe and secure environment for your children.

Finally, I value the importance of strong communication through our robot system, school website, Pinnacle, official school correspondence, and personal contact. We truly make a concerted effort to make you aware of all events occurring at Boyd Anderson High. I encourage you to take advantage of these communication conduits and to be proactive so that we can immediately attack a concern before it escalates.

I look forward to another great year!


Angel Almanzar, Principal

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Mr. Angel Almanzar


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